1989                                      Expositions in various Cultural Locations (Munich/Schwabing)

1992                                      Exposition in the Irish Pub in Saarbruecken.

1994                                      Long Term Art Installation in the Jazz/Rock Club “Hades” Saarbruecken)

Since 2001                          Online Presentation on www.mike-hieronymus.de

September 2015 – May 2017

                                               Constantly changing Exhibition in the “E-Werkstatt Saar” (Saarbruecken)

May 2017                           Collective Exhibition „Art for You“
with the Artist’s Group „Les Montmartrois de Sarrebruck“

November 2017               Collective Exhibition „Art for You 2“
with the Artist’s Group „Les Montmartrois de Sarrebruck“

March / April 2018          Solo Exhibition Galerie Elitzer (Saarbruecken)

Dezember 2018 – Dezember 2019
Popart by Mike Hieronymus –
Permanent exhibition at the Albrechts Casino am Staden, Saarbrücken
In cooperation with Galerie Elitzer, this exhibition was created in the rooms of this unique restaurant and wine bar.

Match / April 2019          Duo Exhibition mit Ralf Leidinger Galerie Elitzer

October / November 2019  

                                               Solo Exhibition Happy Gallery (München)

January – April 2020       Solo Exhibition in the Hotel Am Triller (Saarbruecken)
celebrating 111 Years Galerie Elitzer and 60 Years Hotel Am Triller

28 September – 7 October 2020              

Group Exhibition „Quo Vadis“
Van der Plas Gallery New York City (Manhattan)